Investing in the spiritual rebirth of the Jewish people

July 2014

CMJ Touring with Hebrew Scrolls Exhibit

CMJ has the privilege of co-hosting a Mountain States and West Coast tour of a complete collection of ancient Tanakh (the Old Testament) scrolls. The series of exhibitions includes a lecture concerning the copying and preservation of the Hebrew scriptures down through the centuries. This collection, all 16 scrolls that make up the complete Tanakh, the Hebrew Bible (the Old Testament), is the only such collection that can be viewed by the public. The tour begins in Colorado Springs on July 30th, goes through the Mountain States and down the West Coast, concluding in Albuquerque, NM on August 17th.
  Several years ago, Walter Mize, a disciple of Jesus and successful Texas entrepreneur, came to realize what many Christians overlook: that without the care and commitment of the Jewish people, two-thirds of the scriptures upon which we depend would have been lost. In an effort to say, “Thank you,” but also to honor the God we serve (who both gave and preserved His Word), Mr. Mize decided to purchase and then make available a complete collection of the Tanakh (the Jewish Bible that Christians call the Old Testament). He made a commitment to purchasing the oldest scrolls available and to make them available for viewing by the public.

Image of Ancient Hebrew Scrolls

He considered this an act of service to the Lord and a "thank you" to the Jewish people for their part in the Bible’s preservation. It took several years and a few million dollars for the collection to be assembled. It is the only complete collection available for viewing. And thanks to Mr. Mize who endowed the collection, it is made available free of charge. Three other known collections are held by the Vatican but are not available for viewing by the public. No other complete collection is known to exist.

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Source of Lasting Peace

The Israeli cabinet met this morning to consider a cease-fire proposal by Egypt and voted to approve it. The leadership of Hamas also met and rejected the proposal, resuming rocket fire on Israel territories. Shortly thereafter, Israel resumed its attacks on Hamas sites.

It is a sadly familiar sequence of events. And it demonstrates how profoundly difficult it is for peace of any kind to be established once hatred has taken root. The situation seems hopeless to almost everyone. Almost everyone…

This last weekend was profoundly instructive as to the real source of peace. In God’s providence, the Elav Youth Conference was already scheduled in Haifa, Israel. It is a gathering of young Arab and Jewish disciples of Jesus.

They met, worshiped, and shared the love of God while all around them war and hatred was raging. Most touching was the spontaneous decision they made to wash each other’s feet. What a contrast—is this not obedience to what the Apostle John wrote in his letter? (1 John 4:7)

These young people have been reconciled to God and to each other through faith in Jesus/Issa/Yeshua the Messiah, who came to save each and all of them. They demonstrated to the hostile world around them, not how things must be…but how things can be when the Kingdom of God begins to be formed in the hearts and minds of the community of His disciples.

It is to this kind of work that CMJ has committed itself for over two centuries. And it is for this kind of peace that CMJ in Israel and around the world is asking believers in Jesus to pray. Not just a ceasefire…not a cold war…but the lasting peace that comes only when the Messiah is recognized and followed. We are instructed to pray for peace, because peace is when God is most able to demonstrate His desire for all people to know him.

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