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August 2015

Gates of Gath, home of Goliath, found

by Dr. Theresa Newell, August 11, 2015
Recently Israeli archeologists from Bar Ilan University uncovered what is believed to be the gate of the city of Gath, home of Goliath, the giant that David slew in the Valley of Elah. The area of the find lies between Jerusalem and Ashkelon.  It is thought to be the largest gate ever found in Israel.  Along with the gate, a large city is being unearthed showing an iron foundry dating from 3,000 years ago, which could account for the weapons of iron the Philistines used to keep the children of Israel under their thumbs. 
The city of Gath is believed to have been the largest city in the area in the 10 - 9th centuries BC. The city was occupied until about the ninth century BC, when it is said it was destroyed by Hazael, king of Damascus.
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For believers of the Bible,  it is no surprise that scientific evidence continues to accumulate telling the world that the Bible told the story of reality and not myth!