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December 2016

Secret Weapon Against Anti-Semitism

In the culture wars in Western Europe and America, the growth of anti-Jewish movements have rightfully been viewed with alarm by the Jewish communities of the world. In this article published recently in The Forward, (the largest Jewish weekly published in the US), writer Sam Kestenbaum asks if messianic believers are “a secret weapon in the anti-Semitism fight with the *‘Alt-right’,” and postulates that it is perhaps the Jewish believers in Jesus who are the bulwark against anti-Semitism as they take a vocal pro-Jewish stand for their own people!
CMJ USA stands with our messianic Jewish brothers and sisters quoted in the article--Jews for Jesus, Chosen People Ministries and the Messianic Jewish Alliance of America (MJAA)-- in their outspoken position against any form of anti-Semitism. We base our love for the Jewish people on the biblical truth that they are “the apple of His eye” and the people of His choosing. We believe God when he promised Abraham that “[He] will bless those who bless you [Jewish people], and whoever curses you [he] will curse” (Genesis 12: 3). As the dark clouds of anti-Semitism once again gather, let us pray diligently for and stand courageously with His Jewish people.
* “Alt-right” is a shortened version of Alternative Right, which was a white supremacist website created by Richard Spencer and Colin Liddell in 2010. Followers of the Alt-right movement swung away from the traditional “conservative” movement in the US. Its ideology often embraces anti-Semitism. (Source:
by Dr. Theresa Newell, CMJ Board Member
[Photo:  Dr. Newell with Rabbi Paul Liberman, Executive Board Member of the Messianic Jewish Alliance of America (MJAA) and Executive Director of the Alliance for Israel Advocacy (AIA)]