Investing in the spiritual rebirth of the Jewish people

2018 Shoresh Tours to Israel Originating in the U.S.

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Dates Tour Leader Tour Brochure
Jan 7 – 16 Rev. David Charney The Life & World of Jesus
Jan 22 – Feb 2 Todd Hoogland God's Faithfulness
Feb 19 – Mar 2 Leiton Chinn The Life & World of Jesus
March 3 – 13 Carlos Sarmiento & Matthew Smoler Watchmen Behold and Bless Israel
May 23 – June 6 Rich & Judy Hastings Israel Mission Trip
June 7 – 17 Bp. Neil & Marcia Lebhar (contact Harris Willman, administrator) The Life & World of Jesus
June 13 – 25 Mark Ellis The Life & World of Jesus
June 26 – July 6 Katie Black The Life & World of Jesus
Oct 31 – Nov 12 Bob Coon God's Faithfulness
Dec 1 – 10 Chris & Jane Moxon Hanukkah Tour (originates in UK; see calendar event for explanation)
Southern Wall of Temple Mount