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Israel Tour - Leiton & Lisa Chinn

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Leiton and Lisa Chinn of All Saints Anglican Church, Charlotte, NC will host The Life & World of Jesus, a Shoresh study tour to Israel: February 19 - March 2, 2018.  Lisa, who is a naturalized citizen from the Philippines, has been in ministry among university students for 50 years and Leiton has been mobilizing the Church for ministry among International students for 40 years. Leiton served on the Board of Trinity School for Ministry and helped develop the Stanway Institute for World Mission & Evangelism. Lisa was a plenary speaker at the 2017 ACNA Provincial Assembly at Wheaton College (her graduate school alma mater).
For more information, see The Life & World of Jesus
Contact the Chinns at lechinn{at}aol{.}com
February 19, 2018 (All day) to March 2, 2018 (All day)