Investing in the spiritual rebirth of the Jewish people

Mission and Work

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Church's Ministry Among Jewish People (CMJ)

CMJ USA’s mission is to equip local congregations to share the transforming love of Messiah Jesus with their Jewish friends and neighbors.Peter's church  Our heart’s cry is to reach the 2,000,000 Jewish people in medium and small U.S. cities, who have little or no sustained Gospel ministry, with the news of their Messiah in a sensitive and effective way through a network of local congregations.

We believe that the Lord has called us to do this by first making teaching and training available to any local church in the Jewish roots of their faith in order to deepen discipleship and biblical knowledge in the congregation.  Second, we equip local churches to sensitively and effectively share the Gospel with their Jewish friends and neighbors.  Third, we support CMJ work in Israel through regular presentation of that work to local congregations of CMJ-USA.

We will happily serve individuals, working on their own, who love Jewish people and are called to share Messiah Jesus with them, but we will work primarily with and through local congregations, preparing them to do Gospel ministry among the Jewish people who surround them.   Also, while we have a ‘natural’ constituency among evangelical Anglicans, CMJ being an over 200 year old Anglican mission, our work will be ecumenical. The ultimate objective for any city outreach is a team of Christian congregations, working in a sustained partnership, to reach Jewish people in their city with news of their Messiah.  It is our prayer that Anglican congregations will be catalytic.