Investing in the spiritual rebirth of the Jewish people

Shoresh Study Tours in Israel

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In-depth teaching on the Jewish roots of the Christian faith. The sights and sounds of modern and ancient Israel. Fellowship with local Israeli believers. Since 1986, this is what we've offered on Shoresh Study Tours - a unique experience of the Land of Israel and chance to know the God of Israel better. Come and see for yourself in this Shoresh Study Tours video.

Why Shoresh?

Shoresh Tours is CMJ's travel ministry in The Land, using biblical sites to help pilgrims grow in their faith and better understand their Bible. Shoresh is Hebrew for root. Since Yeshua Himself is the root, we focus on Him. In doing so, we take into account the fact that historically Yeshua acted and spoke as a Jew among Jews in the Land of Israel. Our study tours are designed to give you new ears to hear biblical teachings in their original context and to help you grasp the Jewish roots of the New Testament faith.

Any number of tour companies can take you to the usual historical sites, fun attractions and restaurants-attached-to-tourist-shops that every tourist to Israel is made to visit. Shoresh Study Tours will make sure you see all the important biblical sites, and then some (although we may skip a few of those shops). However, every place we go, every lesson that we present, and every experience we prepare for you revolves around a much more far-reaching goal: we want our tours to be used by God to make loving disciples of Yeshua (Jesus) – people who know God’s love for them and share it with others.<

Join a Shoresh Study Tour and be introduced both to God’s heart for the spiritual rebirth of the Jewish people and to the living body of Messiah in Israel, composed of Jews, Arabs and others. We hope that having experienced what the God of Israel is doing in the Land today, you’ll take home a deeper understanding of Messiah and a vision for the salvation of Israel, and will add your prayers to that end.

Sample Itineraries

(To view sample itineraries, click the links in any of the titles below.)
The Life and World of Jesus ~ Introducing the life and times of Jesus the Messiah.

The Roots of Faith ~ Old Testament-New Testament survey tour.  Optional extensions include: Egypt (Mt. Sinai, Cairo, Pyramids, etc.) and Jordan (Petra, Madabah & Mt. Nebo, etc.).

God's Faithfulness ~ We will travel through the land, from coast to desert to mountains, to visit the places where important Biblical events took place, and dig deep into the Scriptures in their original context to learn about God’s faithfulness to His people, in the past, present, and future.    

Young Adults Tour  ~ Israel Adventure tour designed for young adults. (Use Back button to return to this page.)

For information about all Shoresh Tours originating in the U.S., contact Marcia Lebhar at