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Ruth and Redemption (Petra Church Podcast)

Gary Buck, Dr. Theresa Newell, and Andrea Beiler
Petra Church Podcast No. 76, February 21, 2018
Hidden in the story of Ruth in the Old Testament are fascinating revelations of God's plan of redemption, not just for Ruth's life, but for all of mankind as well. In this podcast, Gary Buck (pastor of Petra Church, New Holland, PA), Dr. Theresa Newell (CMJ USA), and Andrea Beiler delve deep into the life of Ruth.

JCStudies presents David Pileggi

JCStudies and David Pileggi
Rev. David Pileggi, pastor of CMJ’s Christ Church Jerusalem, recently shared on today’s critical issue of anti-Semitism at The Center for Judaic-Christian Studies in Dayton, Ohio.
We present here the first of a series of three talks by David. To listen to the entire series, please contact JCStudies at their website: The complete set, "Anti-Semitism, the State of Israel and the Gospel," is there for purchase.