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Experience a Passover Seder

Passover Seder dishThe Exodus experience is central to Jewish understanding of God's mighty action on behalf of his people. It is also the story of the believer's deliverance from darkness and sin! Experience a Passover Seder (something Jesus, the Jewish Messiah did) at a church near you or with a Jewish friend in their home, or contact CMJ USA in how to prepare your own Seder meal and invite a Jewish neighbor to join your family. Learn the connection between Jesus' Last Supper Seder in Jerusalem and the Communion service you experience regularly in your church.
This year the CMJ USA staff will present Passover Seders in a number of churches across the USA. The schedule is listed on the sidebar (and calendar). If you are not within reach of these locations, please pray for CMJ USA, our presenters and for all who will attend, gentile and Jewish! Thank you, or as we say in Hebrew: TODAH RABAH!


News from the Lausanne Consultation on Jewish Evangelism

CMJ USA Director the Rev. Daryl Fenton, and Board members Dr. Theresa Newell, the Rev. George Koch and Dr. Jim Sibley attended the Lausanne Consultation on Jewish Evangelism (LCJE) North America conference held at the Billy Graham Center at Wheaton College, Wheaton, IL March 3-5, 2014. Newell was LCJE NA coordinator from 1999-2007 and Sibley held this position from 2007-2011.

Statement of Faith

We affirm our belief in historic Christianity as revealed in the Scriptures and summarized in the three Creeds (the Apostles’, the Nicene, and the Athanasian) and the Thirty-Nine Articles. We recognize the need today for reaffirming the following beliefs:

Pew Research Center Findings on Jewish Americans

by Theresa Newell
          More Jewish people in the USA today believe that you can be Jewish and believe in Jesus than ever before. This is only one of the startling findings of the recent and historic study done by Pew Research Center titled “A Portrait of Jewish Americans.” The study was published October 1, 2013. It is the first independent study of American Jews that has ever been done.
           The results of the study are based on interviews with 3,500 Jews in all 50 states. The front page headline of the oldest Jewish newspaper in America, Forward, read, “New Study Finds Jews Fleeing Faith Traditions” (October 11, 2013). Among the new findings are the following:
  • 34% of Jews think that being Jewish is compatible with believing that Jesus is the Messiah (“a belief that’s theologically anathema to traditional Judaism,” said Forward in a page one article titled, “Jew? Christian? Both? Boundaries are Blurring”).
  • Of Jewish Millennials (born after 1980), 32% would identify as having “no religion.”
  • The intermarriage rate of Jews with a non-Jewish spouse has risen from 17% (before 1970) to 58% today.
  • 32% of those interviewed said they had Christmas trees last year.
  • 15% said they attended non-Jewish religious services at least a few times a year.
           “It points to the blurring boundaries between Jews and non-Jews,” said Sara Bunin Benor, a professor at the Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion who acted as an adviser to the Pew study. “More people than in the past believe that you can be both Jewish and Christian” (Forward, page 4).

The Sunshine School

By Marion Jadon, Director
It is now twenty years since I founded the Sunshine School in Beit Hanina, an Arab Muslim suburb north of Jerusalem. From early childhood in England, I felt seized with a spirit of service to God to share His love with children in Israel. So in 1978 I became a teacher at the Anglican International School Jerusalem. Living in Jerusalem, I experienced the painful lack of trust and interaction between the different peoples of Israel. As a result, I felt an urgency to create opportunities to bring the diverse mixture of identities found in Jerusalem together within the context of a school for young children.
Sunshine School provides a vibrant, varied, and holistic preschool curriculum, which we adapt and update according to the tremendous diversity of students, together with contemporary research in early child development. Valuable, lasting education has primarily to do with life, so I have faith that our every day teaching activities will be blessed and create a loving environment.
Today Sunshine School serves 50 children, many of whom are Arab Muslim (some of them religious), a few Israeli children, and a great assortment of Palestinian Christians (including Roman Catholic, Anglican, Lutheran, Syrian Orthodox, Baptist, and Messianic). There are village Arabs from Beit Hanina and more well-to-do Arabs from further afield, Galileans, Israeli Arabs, Arabs living in the West Bank (who have to cross a military checkpoint every day to come to school) and Armenians. In addition, we serve expatriate children, many of whose parents are serving in temporary postings to this region and who have sought the school out as a safe loving environment delivering an excellent curriculum. Last year the following countries were represented: Australia, Sweden, America, New Zealand, France, the Philippines, Croatia, Italy, Holland, Korea, South Africa, Norway, Russia, Canada, Ethiopia, and Eritrea. The School has never been advertised, and families come purely in response to its reputation.
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