Ancient Hebrew Scroll Project

On the move: Our executive director toured Northern Virginia and Maryland with an exhibition of ancient Hebrew scrolls from the organization Christian Heritage Foundation of Cleburne, TX

In March, CMJ’s Daryl Fenton accompanied the Ancient Hebrew Scroll Project and staff as they visited several churches & schools in Northern Virginia and Maryland, as well as Patrick Henry College and The Institute on Religion & Democracy in Wash., DC. 

Sephardic Torah


The tour was designed to show the wonders of how Biblical Hebrew manuscripts were recorded and preserved by the Jewish people. The collection has been compiled by the Christian Heritage Foundation (of Cleburne, TX) from countries all over the world. They travel annually to educate and inspire lovers of God's Word, and to honor Israel and God's Chosen People. 

Biblical Hebrew manuscripts are the Holy Scripture--received, recorded, and preserved by the Jewish people. They have been carefully copied from the originals throughout the millennia. These Ancient Hebrew Scrolls make up the only complete set of the TANAKH (Hebrew Scriptures, or what some refer to as the Old Testament) that is available for the public to see.  

Hebrew Scriptures are referred to as the Tanakh. (To others these are divided into the 39 books of the Old Testament.) The Tanakh is an acronym that stands for Torah (instruction), Neviim (prophets), and Ketuvim (writings). The Ancient Hebrew Scroll Project has all 16 scrolls that make up the Tanakh. 

Scrolls in the display are unique, and most of them are 250 years old or older. These ancient scrolls were written in countries all over the world: Israel, Poland, Iraq, Morocco, and Russia, to name a few. However, each scroll at different times and in its own history made its way to Jerusalem and from there was discovered and purchased by this project. Each scroll has a look and a story of its own. Six of the scrolls in the collection were commissioned by this project to be written in Jerusalem by a scribe (sofer) when a worldwide search failed to discover those needed to complete the set. The exhibit includes duplicates of some scrolls making this a collection of 40 scrolls. 

If you have not had a chance to see the scrolls, reach out to Christian Heritage Foundation for their tour schedule. And keep an eye on our events as CMJ USA hopes to display the scrolls in the future.

Psalm 119


Wondering when tour continues in 2021? Virginia or NC ?

When is the next time you will have the scrolls tour in Florida?

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Article published on 04/07/2019