Sermon Notes

Based on the Revised Common Lectionary and the readings of the Anglican Church of North America

The Sermon Preparation Notes are designed to provide Hebraic and Jewish cultural and historical background to the biblical text. They are written weekly by CMJ staff worldwide and clergy at Christ Church Jerusalem and are based on the Revised Common Lectionary and the ACNA Lectionary.

Notes are emailed out Monday mornings with the readings for the following Sunday and post on this page on Fridays. We are currently in Year C of the three-year lectionary cycle.

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Year A / 2022-2023

Click a liturgical date to download the day's notes as a PDF. [We apologize that the archive is not up to date due to technical difficulties. Check back next week.]

1st of Advent 2nd of Advent 3rd of Advent 4th of Advent

Christmas Day

Holy Name &
1st of Epiphany 2nd of Epiphany 3rd of Epiphany 4th of Epiphany
5th of Epiphany 6th of Epiphany 7th of Epiphany Transfiguration 1st in Lent
2nd in Lent 3rd in Lent 4th in Lent 5th in Lent Palm Sunday
Easter Day 2nd of Easter 3rd of Easter 4th of Easter 5th of Easter
6th of Easter 7th of Easter Pentecost Trinity Sunday 2nd after Pentecost
3rd after Pentecost 4th after Pentecost 5th after Pentecost 6th after Pentecost 7th after Pentecost
8th after Pentecost 9th after Pentecost Transfiguration 11th after Pentecost 12th after Pentecost
13th after Pentecost 14th after Pentecost 15th after Pentecost 16th after Pentecost 17th after Pentecost
18th after Pentecost 19th after Pentecost 20th after Pentecost 21st after Pentecost 22nd after Pentecost
All Saints 24th after Pentecost 25th after Pentecost Christ the King