International Holocaust Remembrance Day 2023

Video recordings of the lectures given at Christ Church Jerusalem for International Holocaust Remembrance Day 2023.

How do we make sense of a history marred by atrocities? And more importantly, how do we combat prejudice and hate today?

International Holocaust Remembrance Day was on January 27 and Yom HaShoah -- Holocaust and Heroism Remembrance Day in Israel -- begins at sundown on April 17th to sundown on April 18th. Sadly, antisemitism is on the rise in the United States. One way that we can defend ourselves and our Jewish neighbors is by educating ourselves. According to recent data, 1 in 4 Jews in America have experienced antisemitism, and 2021 saw more incidents than any other year on record since 1979. These incidents are on the rise and have turned some synagogues into a place of fear for our Jewish neighbors.

In a recent interview reflecting on the attack at Congregation Beth Israel in Colleyville, Texas, Jeff Cohen implores people to speak out against antisemitism and all hate when they see it, as that is the only way we can reduce the amount of hate in our society. “‘When you hear things, you know they're not true, you close your eyes, you grimace, you roll your eyes, you look the other way, but you don't say anything,’ Jeff said. ‘And I'm not being accusatory, because, before this time last year, I would do the same thing. But we can't. We need to challenge it when we hear these things.’”

Before we can speak into these areas, we must first educate ourselves so we can be faithful witnesses.


These lectures from CMJ Israel's Holocaust Remembrance Day event on Antisemitism Education are now available on YouTube and linked below with information on each topic.

three men with lecture topics below them (lectures below) and a dark blue background

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Article published on 03/28/2023