Love & relief for Lebanon

At the Crossroads collecting aid for Beirut

A message from our ministry partner, At the Crossroads/Derech Avraham, a relational network of Middle Eastern nationals and internationals working in various spheres of ministry with a regional or Kingdom vision of the Middle East that is best outlined in Isaiah’s vision of a highway in Isaiah 19:23-25.

On Tuesday, Aug. 4 at 6:47 pm, while At the Crossroads partners were on an Isaiah 19 Zoom gathering with our Lebanese brothers and sisters, there was an explosion in Beirut. The force of the explosion ranked just behind that of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in its force. What we have learned since is that 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate that had been sitting at Beirut’s ports since 2013 had ignited and sent blasts that shook the city on Tuesday. 135 people are dead, at least 5,000 are wounded, many buildings are destroyed, and over 300,000 people homeless.

A building in Tel Aviv displays the Lebanese flag as a sign of solidarity after the port explosion that devastated Beirut.

H.L., part of our At The Crossroads leadership team, and his wife live in Beirut. They described the blasts as so violent that he thought there was an earthquake. He immediately got off the Zoom call, thinking that Beirut might be under attack. Surveying the damage the next day, he said, was overwhelming. 

The government has promised to investigate the explosions and hold those responsible accountable. Many Lebanese citizens see the government’s years of neglect and mismanagement as the reason for the blast, according to the Times of Israel.

After the explosion, in fact, that very night, the president of Israel publicly announced that they offered aid to victims of the blast, and all this despite tensions rising between Hezbollah and Israel on Israel’s northern border. In the eyes of many, this offer was historic; and Israel is quite serious about it. Someone connected to the government even contacted At the Crossorads about how they could give aid through a third party to those affected by the blast. 

We invite you to partner with us in prayer for the Lebanese people and those affected by these blasts. As many teams scramble to provide medical and rescue aid, we would like to support our friends on the ground who are providing food and logistical support to both those who have suffered from the explosion and to the local authorities in the cleanup effort. 

Let’s also pray that through this tragedy that the response of the followers of Yeshua in Israel and the nations will build a bridge of mercy between Israel and Lebanon that brings Lebanon into its true spiritual identity and redemptive purpose on the Isaiah 19 Highway. 

Thank you!


To give directly to an At the Crossroads partner organization on the ground in Beirut  (without a tax-deductible receipt) go to Triumphant Mercy Lebanon.

  • For a tax-deductible receipt ONLINE give through CMJ USA.
  • For a tax-deductible receipt via CHECK send to CMJ USA.
    • CMJ USA
      P.O. Box 443
      Ambridge, PA 15003
    • In the memo write: Beirut Relief Fund

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Article published on 08/06/2020