Passover video series by Shoresh Study Tours

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Shoresh Study Tours in Jerusalem has produced a series of Passover videos. In the videos, Aaron Eime, a deacon at Christ Church Jerusalem, talks about what Passover is, followed by a Passover Seder with his family.

Visit Shoresh's Facebook page to watch. You do not need a Facebook account to watch.

Family having passover seder
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Shoresh is the Hebrew word for "root" and, with in-depth Bible teaching by believing tour guides, you'll discover more about the Hebrew roots of the Christian faith as you walk the Land of Israel.

Travel to Israel with Shoresh

Shoresh has brought Christians from around the world on biblical study tours of Israel for more than 31 years, and has achieved many "firsts" in their long history:

  • First tour operator to offer evangelical study tours in Israel
  • First to have Messianic guides
  • First to offer teaching on the Jewish roots of the Christian faith

All Shoresh office staff and guides are committed Christian/Messianic followers of Jesus, and Shoresh is the only tour operator that does special guide training from a believer’s perspective. The Shoresh staff pray regularly for every tour from inception until the group is safely on the plane home.

God has been wonderfully faithful in blessing Shoresh tour groups. The care and flexibility of their personalized service makes all the difference. And because Shoresh is a ministry, they donate most of their profits to other local ministries.

walls of Old City Jerusalem
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Article published on 04/08/2020