Sermon: Yosef Bar-Naba, imitator of the Messiah

On June 11, the greater church remembers the life of Barnabas, a Jewish believer who traveled around the Roman world with Paul.

The Acts of the Apostles tells us of the generosity that characterized the early Jesus movement, Joseph Barnabas is given as example number 1. This Levite who grew up in Cyprus had a heart for the outsider and was among the first to trust that Saul of Tarsus really had come to trust in Jesus as the Messiah of Israel.

Rev. Cariño Casas walks through four major appearances of Barnabas in the book of Acts and considers how he models being a disciple and encouraging fellow disciples. This sermon was given at St. Luke Anglican Church in Georgetown, PA.


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Article published on 06/13/2023