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CMJ tour company welcomes tourists after the pandemic stifled most foreign travel
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Two years ago, Shoresh Study Tours had two tour groups in Israel when international travel shut down due to COVID 19. We worked hard to make sure that both groups got home safely. At the time, we thought COVID would cause two or three months of disruption. Not in our worst nightmares did we think we would not see many of our international friends for two years.

Shoresh is happy to let you know that we will welcome our next group in Israel before the end of March. April, May and June will be busy for us once again.  We are grateful to our Lord that our full-time staff have remained employed as Scott, Levya and Polina have put their talents to use in other aspects of the CMJ Israel ministry.   

boats on the Sea of Galilee

We have also used the time to update the study materials we provide to pilgrims. Later in 2022, we hope to launch the Shoresh Study Tours app, which not only will provide pilgrims with updated information while touring in Israel but will also allow pilgrims to continue to study Jewish roots upon return to their home country.

To learn how you can bring a church group to Israel in the fall of this year or in 2023 or 2024, please email

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Article published on 03/15/2022