Video: Prepare the Way

What does it mean to prepare the way for Jesus?

The Hebrew Bible depicts the desert as a place of exile, with little human habitation, a place of wild animals, bandits and in subsequent Jewish thought, the abode of demons. The desert does not appear to be an area people would naturally flock to. There is no water or anything else of substance to offer humans. It is a place you can easily get lost and a place where we might even die. The desert is a place that teaches man dependence on God.  It is where God strips away all the securities that a human builds for itself. It is in the desert that God prepares all of his heroes: Moses, Elijah, and even Jesus. 

Thus, this advent, as we are in a season of preparation let us pray that, through evermore growing dependence on the Father, he will ready our hearts for the coming of the Messiah.

Maranatha, Come Lord Jesus!

*click above to see the video by Aaron Eime

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Article published on 12/14/2020