The world hates to be reminded God exists

Writer connects surging antisemitism and anti-Zionism to the world's discomfort with being reminded that the message of the Bible is reliable and true

An excerpt of "What does this remind you of?" by Aaron Hecht in Kehilah News.

There is an alarming surge of anti-Semitism all over the world today, and it’s coming from all over the political, ideological, social, cultural and economic map. It is accompanied by a rise in the level of opposition to the State of Israel, and although most of it has its origins in “the usual suspects” among the fringes of the political Left and Right, as well as religious communities with a legacy of anti-Semitic tropes and fairy tales, a large and growing amount of the opposition to Israel is coming from secular Jews in Western countries.

Israel flag behind almond blossoms

Some of my liberal Israeli Jewish acquaintances, frenemies and such, are baffled by this. They point out (correctly) that Israel is one of the most LGBTQ friendly countries in the world and they wonder why this doesn’t motivate LGBTQ groups in Western countries to desist from their opposition to Israel, if not become supporters of this country.

They also point out (once again, they are correct) to the large number of Arab citizens of Israel, both Christians and Moslems, who are in senior positions in society, including Supreme Court justices, university professors, CEOs of large corporations, etc. and they wonder why Israel still gets labeled as an “apartheid regime” by so many liberals all over the world. They wonder why Israel gets hit with this label by influencers and NGOs when there are so many other countries, including most of Israel’s Arab neighbors, who actually meet the criteria for being an “apartheid” state, yet the voices screaming about Israel’s imperfections completely ignore these other countries.

What can explain all this?

One of the things you always hear from Bible-believing Christians who support Israel is that the existence of Israel reminds them that the Bible can be trusted and that the God the Bible describes keeps His promises. What few of these Bible-Believing Christians ever consider is that there are many people living in this world (actually, it’s the large majority of people in this world) who don’t want to be reminded of these things.



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The existence of Israel reminds many Christians that the Bible can be trusted and that the God the Bible describes keeps his promises. However, many people living in this world don’t want to be reminded that God exists.

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Article published on 06/23/2022