Bridge Builders & Ground Breakers

Are you a Bridge Builder or a Ground Breaker?

Equipping Christians to fight antisemitism, understand the Jewishness of Christianity, and dialogue with our Jewish neighbors is a major part of CMJ USA’s mission. It requires lots of prayer, teaching, and encouragement. 

Antisemitism continues to rise in the United States. Our Jewish neighbors are concerned. Also, church history is marred by horrific episodes when Christians perpetrated the worst persecutions of Jews. Is it any wonder they don’t want to talk about Jesus when his followers have oppressed, maimed, and even murdered in his name?

The church needs to speak out against antisemitism and it also needs to proclaim that Jesus is the Messiah of Israel to all the nations. Jesus has called all disciples to make disciples (Matt 28:19). If you are a follower of Jesus, you are called invite others to follow Jesus and learn from him. This includes our Jewish neighbors. 

We at CMJ USA want to help you answer Jesus’ call. We are creating a training program with two tracks – Bridge Builders and Ground Breakers – and looking for church small groups who will walk with us in this mission.

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Are you a Bridge Builder or a Ground Breaker?

Bridge Builders

Bridge Builders is for congregations who have Jewish neighbors within a few miles. What you need:

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•    Lay-led team of five to ten members committed to Jewish outreach
•    Support from your pastor
•    Include CMJ USA in your church mission budget

CMJ will commit to training your team for up to three years on

•    The Jewishness of Jesus and the Gospel
•    The biblical basis for Jewish outreach
•    The Jewish-American experience
•    Addressing antisemitism
•    Making your church welcoming to Jewish seekers and believers.

Ground Breakers

Ground Breakers is for congregations who do not have a Jewish presence in their area. What you need:

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•    Lay-led team of three to ten members committed to praying for CMJ USA and a Bridge Builder church
•    Support from your pastor
•    Include CMJ USA in your church mission budget

CMJ will provide monthly prayer points. We also encourage Ground Breaker congregations to work through the Bridge Builder curriculum to inform your prayers and learn more about the Jewishness of the Gospel and about the Jewish-American experience. 

Partner with us!

We are looking for ministry partners as we develop the Bridge Builder curriculum. How can you help?

•    Start a Bridge Builder or Ground Breakers team at your church.
•    Sow financially into this work, whether you’re an individual, a family, a church, or a diocese. 
•    Need to know more? Invite us to come to speak to your group or congregation: