The Mercy Fund

The Christ Church Mercy Fund helps those in Jerusalem who “fall between the cracks” and can’t get help from their governments or other NGOs. Two of our ongoing projects are listed below.

We welcome donations from US residents. If you live outside the US and wish to give to the Mercy Fund, please give via the Christ Church Jerusalem website.

War relief

On October 7, 2023, Hamas breached Israel's border with Gaza and infiltrated dozens of communities, leaving death in their wake. Many families have lost loved ones and their homes.

CMJ is offering aid and shelter to the displaced. Give to the Mercy Fund to help. Write 'war relief' in the memo line.

Photo credit: Archival photo of rockets from Gaza by tipinfo via Flickr (CC)

rockets from gaza

What is CMJ doing in the current crisis?

1. Helping to bring food, hygiene products, clothes, and children's toys to families who have been displaced from their homes in the south.

2. Working with congregations and communities in the south of Israel and offering to open our guesthouses to families who cannot return to their homes or want to get out of conflict areas.

3. CMJ Israel's Arabic online ministry has been encouraging Christians in Gaza, many of whom are new disciples. Under barrage, they are living in fear and are reaching out to our staff members over the phone and social media. Unfortunately, there is no way to provide them with practical aid, but there are currently 13 families to which CMJ is offering counseling and prayer.

All these responses that CMJ is undertaking are not simple and require financial resources in a season where finances are already limited. If you feel led, please consider contributing so that we can continue promoting healing, reconciliation, and peace in the Holy Land. Write 'war relief' in the memo line.


PELES (Program for Equity: Legal, Economic & Social)

PELES provides free legal and social advice to people needing preliminary assistance in family law, labor law, children and youth rights, and social security law.

Although the State of Israel is a regional power in the field of security and technology, it is still a young country when it comes to providing services to its populace. The bureaucratic procedures for exercising rights and receiving services can be tedious. Those from underprivileged populations find it difficult to navigate their way through bureaucratic, social, and legal processes.

Lady Justice

PELES lawyers and assistants offer guidance to Jews and Arabs, in Hebrew and Arabic, ensuring all have access to justice and the legal system. PELES staff begin the process and then may refer clients to other professionals specializing in governmental/private legal representation, conflict resolution services, therapy/counseling, support groups, coaching, career guidance, and the like.

PELES aims to build bridges between distinct ethnic and religious communities and help other faith-based organizations and non-profits in Israel connect with those who need the most assistance.

When you give, write 'PELES' in the memo line. Send questions to

Ethiopian Community Economic Relief Initiative

Recent studies show the Ethiopian community is the most impoverished sector of Israeli society. They face racial and religious discrimination, struggle to learn the language, and understandably find it difficult to integrate into Israeli society.

Ethiopian Community Economic Relief Initiative (ECERI) project is designed to provide immediate help by supporting unemployed families with food and more. In the future, the project will arrange Hebrew lessons, computer training, and assistance in the job market. The Mercy Fund will work with government social services and other Israeli NGOs in assisting this beleaguered community.

When you give, write 'Ethiopian Relief' in the memo line. Send questions to

Illustration of Ethiopian women created from photo by Udi Steinwell via the PikiWiki (cc)

Priorities of the Mercy Fund

1. Helping Jerusalem-area believers (Messianic Jews and Christians) who can’t meet expenses due to low salaries and/or emergencies.

2. Helping Jerusalem-area people with the bureaucracy who are not able to work to ensure that they get the government benefits or legal help they need.

3. Helping Israel-based institutions that help and promote reconciliation amongst all communities of Jerusalem.

4. Helping the sick with medical expenses, transportation to doctors, hospitals and drugs not covered by health insurance.

5. Helping those who are not believers (Jews and Arabs) with the above but working through government social workers.

6. Helping believers in times of war.

7. Helping women (often Russians and Ukrainians) escape the sex trade in Israel and start new lives.

The Christ Church Mercy Fund seeks to reflect God’s character of mercy and goodness by helping those in need and is not used as a means to sway anyone to change their religion or church allegiance.