CMJ USA starts the year with a new director

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Rev. Cariño Casas
The Rev. Cariño Casas

The Board of Directors of CMJ USA is pleased to welcome the Rev. Cariño Casas into her role as our new Executive Director. Cariño had been serving as our Director of Communications since June 2021. She is an ordained deacon in the Anglican Church in North America with a Master of Arts in Religion degree from Trinity School for Ministry. Before joining the staff of CMJ USA in January 2020, Cariño served as the media coordinator of Christ Church Jerusalem from April 2014. 

“After compiling the testimonies of previous US directors for CMJ USA’s 40th anniversary, I am humbled to be counted among their number,” Cariño said. “I step forward to answer God’s call in this work knowing full well that it can only be done if he goes with me.

“Not long ago, Theresa Newell called me to encourage me. She told me the story of sitting in 1982 in CMJ USA’s first office – bare, with only a desk, a phone, and a typewriter – unsure how to start. She put her head on the desk and cried out to God. And he answered, ‘What she could do, she did do.’ That’s what Jesus said of the woman who anointed his feet in Mark 14. So, following her example and inspired by Theresa’s tenacious service, I will love Yeshua by pouring out myself to love his Church and his people Israel by doing what I can do.”

Please be praying for Cariño and the rest of the CMJ USA staff as we reconnect with individual supporters and churches. We are also looking to rebuild our co-laboring program, which equips churches to build bridges with their immediate Jewish neighbors. If your church is near a synagogue or Jewish center and you’re unsure how to connect with your Jewish neighbors, reach out to Cariño or the Rev. Philip Bottomley, Director of Ministry Partnerships, for help and encouragement. 

Cariño is putting together a travel schedule for 2023. She’d love to connect with you and your church family in person. Invite Cariño via email to preach and speak on the work of CMJ USA.

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Article published on 01/02/2023