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Book a CMJ USA rep for a teaching visit, Passover seder and more

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We have team members in California, Texas, Kansas, Pennsylvania, Florida, Virginia, and North Carolina. Philip Bottomley and others are also ready to travel elsewhere.

We are eager to share how learning about biblical holidays or studying in Israel can enrich our understanding of the Gospel of Jesus the Messiah.

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Invite CMJ USA to help your group

  • conduct a Passover Seder at any time of the year;
  • conduct a Shabbat evening meal;
  • host a Purim or Hanukkah celebration;
  • teach about the Jewish roots of the Christian faith;
  • plan an Israel trip through Shoresh Study Tours.

While some of our Jewish roots teachings are offered as lectures using a conventional teaching style, Philip Bottomley has developed several dramatic presentations using authentic Middle Eastern costumes and artifacts from CMJ UK’s Bible Come to Life Exhibition. These presentations, which are suitable for adults or children, include:

  • John the Baptizer, the Man and his Message
  • Jesus, the Good Shepherd
  • Moses: I am God’s Man
  • My name is Abraham
  • Jesus, our Great High Priest
  • Who were the Scribes?
  • Worship in the Tabernacle, Temple, and Synagogue
  • Life in the Desert, in the City, and in the Village
Philip Bottomley wearing a camel hair coat
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If you would like to have a speaker from CMJ come to your church or group, please write to or call (540) 722-2564. 

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Article published on 04/08/2022